Monday, December 1, 2008


The word seeing sometimes trips people up...since the word implies that you will be using your eyes to 'see' something. I prefer the word 'perceiving', because it is more clearly what actually is occurring for most people.

When I first started on my metaphysical journey I so wanted to 'see' the aura (light-body). I studied, read, meditated and did all kinds of exercises with my eyes to be able to visually see the light-body. I was fairly frustrated that with all my efforts that I could not just look at someone and see those swirling colors around their bodies. This experience of doubting was a very important lesson.

After I relaxed, studied some more and found out that my 'gift' of perceiving was actually quite intact if I would just ALLOW the information IN. Now after many years I understand that there are as many ways to perceive the Light-Body as there are different people. We all look different, sound different, experience the world why doesn't it make sense that we would perceive the Light-Body differently.

So how do I perceive the Light-Body? My BEST way is to just allow that I can KNOW it. When I relax, trust and allow I can 'see' very clearly what is there. Once time I actually 'heard' sounds when someone else scanned someone. Scanning is when you pass you non-dominant hand through the light-body as a way to 'feel' differences.

Any of your senses can be offering you information about the light-body. Just be OPEN, and ALLOW whatever impressions or sensations that you experience.

Try it and drop me a note to let me know what you experience.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Light-Body and your health

Our Universe is Vibration. Our bodies are Vibration. Every part of our Being is Vibration. The physical form that we inhabit vibrates at what we know as the 3rd dimension. We can see, feel and touch things in 3D, that is what we believe that that is all there is. However in your daily life you use many things that are not 'touchable'. The 5 senses are ways that we get information outside of the physical. Each one of our senses is able to detect things of a different vibration. Hearing is the ability to take the sound vibration and offer it to the brain so that we can use the information. Smell takes another vibration and sends it to the brain. Your eyes take the vibration of light, your tongue the vibration of taste.

You also use what we call the 6th sense. This is the way that we are able to use our energy body to give information to our emotional body. The "aura" is the field of vibration around our physical bodies. This is a different vibration than the physical, it is outside of the physical vibration range. But as you can see you access and use the other vibrations of smell, taste, hearing, etc. with ease and acceptance.

The Light-Body is a vibrational template for the physical body. Every part of your physical body is 'preset' by the energy template. If the energy template has a disruption or inaccurate frequency then your physical body will have what we call 'disease'.

The problems with the physical body first appear in the Light-Body. There is a time lag between the vibrational imbalance in the Light-Body and the imbalance in the physical body.

The most important thing to remember is that the physical body will not STAY well unless you have done something to repair the Light-Body.

SO we say in the English language...good vibs to you!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Aura, Energy-body, Light-body, What???

The terminology that talks about your light-body is very rich. There is research going back for 5,000 years that we can study. The mystics from the area of the world that we call India today were the first that we know of to write about and do research on our energy system.

Many of the words used even today to reference the energy system are Sanskrit words, such as Chakra, which means: wheel of light. The word Aura itself has many uses in the English language. If you have stopped by this blog then your interest is the use of the word as it applies to the 'light' that can be seen surrounding the body. Because of the many ways that the word Aura can be used, I am choosing to use the words 'light-body' as the specific term for the energy that is visible by many people surrounding the physical form.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Body Intelligence

Almost everyday we get a small cut or bruise on our body. At least I do...maybe I am a bit of a klutz..SMILE!

But I EXPECT, as you do that this bit of inconvenience will heal itself within a few days. We are taught what to do early in our lives, just clean the wound, and keep it covered for a while and the body will begin the process of repairing the damage.

This same miraculous process is happening with every cell in our body, not just on the surface layer. We are designed to be SELF HEALING. It comes with the body package when we are born. Somewhere along the way our minds have been reprogrammed to believe that we cannot heal ourselves.

In the years I have been practicing energy work, I have RELEARNED this important fact about our design. What I teach in my energy classes is to renew your understanding of the body intelligence. You can learn the basics of what is needed to assist the body in its NATURAL process of healing ANYTHING that is out of balance. Any disease, any injury, you name it, it can and will heal itself if given the proper support. Just as you support the skin healing with keeping it clean, you can support the rest of the body in its healing process using a variety of tools available to you.

SO start with the understanding, knowledge and sureness that YOU CAN HEAL anything.

Ready, set, GO!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So WHY will this be important to me?

What most people have not yet grasped is that if your Light-Body is vital, healthy and strong all of the physical and mental areas of your Being will be in alignment.

No matter how many times we FIX the physical body, it will not stay in health until the Light-Body is healthy.

SO to learn the details of the Light-Body will give you the tools and understanding to keep well and healthy . . .simple.

You gain power over your health and healing.


As humans it seems to be our nature to resist change because I hear it said daily by my clients, students and friends. However we ARE change in every aspect of our being. The dynamic matrix of our being is in constant flux. The vibration that make up our physical beings is built on a template of energy.

The entire Universe is in constant flux, the dynamic of which we are only beginning to perceive.

I have always been assisted in my research of the unseen parts of the Universe by the simple statement "As Within, So Without." I use it to help to clarify and rethink how my body works in relation to the world in which I live.

What way do you perceive the Light-Body?

What topic would you most like to see discussed here?