Monday, December 1, 2008


The word seeing sometimes trips people up...since the word implies that you will be using your eyes to 'see' something. I prefer the word 'perceiving', because it is more clearly what actually is occurring for most people.

When I first started on my metaphysical journey I so wanted to 'see' the aura (light-body). I studied, read, meditated and did all kinds of exercises with my eyes to be able to visually see the light-body. I was fairly frustrated that with all my efforts that I could not just look at someone and see those swirling colors around their bodies. This experience of doubting was a very important lesson.

After I relaxed, studied some more and found out that my 'gift' of perceiving was actually quite intact if I would just ALLOW the information IN. Now after many years I understand that there are as many ways to perceive the Light-Body as there are different people. We all look different, sound different, experience the world why doesn't it make sense that we would perceive the Light-Body differently.

So how do I perceive the Light-Body? My BEST way is to just allow that I can KNOW it. When I relax, trust and allow I can 'see' very clearly what is there. Once time I actually 'heard' sounds when someone else scanned someone. Scanning is when you pass you non-dominant hand through the light-body as a way to 'feel' differences.

Any of your senses can be offering you information about the light-body. Just be OPEN, and ALLOW whatever impressions or sensations that you experience.

Try it and drop me a note to let me know what you experience.


What way do you perceive the Light-Body?

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